Video Editing and Filmmaking

Engage with your Storytelling

Tactile tools put all the necessary controls at your fingertips exactly when you need them so you can focus on your storytelling. Creative Console is the only video editing and color grading panel that offers a personalized color correcting experience.

App interface showcasing Precise and Intuitive Color Correction
Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Precise and Intuitive Color Correction

Precise and Intuitive Color Correction

Creative Console is a portable color grading panel that allows you to apply Lumetri and Final Cut Pro color adjustments including all basic corrections, creative effects, and vignette properties.

Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Intuitive Clip Animation and Clip Motion

Intuitive Clip Animation and Clip Motion

Add and remove effects and looks across your timeline with one press. Control clip position, rotation, scale, and opacity. Streamline clip animation with auto-keyframing features that are built right in.

Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Dedicated Jog Wheel Module

Dedicated Jog Wheel Module

Orbiter’s high resolution optical encoder jog wheel with adjustable sensitivity and acceleration lets you quickly scrub through long clips and precisely navigate frame by frame.

Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Full Transport and Edit Control Support

Full Transport and Edit Control Support

Use Essential Keys for transport controls like shuttle, play/pause or use to jump between edit points, set in and out points, or razor and ripple delete selected clips without changing your active tool.

Professional Grade Productivity for Video Editors

Whether you’re an independent filmmaker or just one part in a major studio production, Creative Console offers unwavering quality and precision needed to bring your videos to life.

Seamlessly Switch Between Apps, Tasks, and Workflow

Creative Console automatically switches profiles when you change between video editing apps, putting the relevant controls at your fingertips.

App interface showcasing Dynamic Audio Control
Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Dynamic Audio Control

Dynamic Audio Control

Streamline the entire audio editing process and quickly auto-keyframe clip volume, control volume, pan automation, and track mixer tools with the completely customizable video editing controller.

Supported Video Editing Apps

Creative Console offers native support for the following industry leading video editing apps along with universal support for many others. Learn more about universal support if you don’t see your preferred app listed.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (CC 2015.3 and later)
  • Final Cut Pro (10.4.4 and later) via CommandPost (1.2.2 and later)
  • Adobe After Effects (CC 2015 and later)
  • Adobe Audition (CC 2015 and later)
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