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It's SO rewarding to hit a button and share my screen while I'm on a video call. It just lets me focus on what I'm doing on the call and not on finding the app button.

Chris M., Marketing Specialist

Honestly, this thing is game-changing. It seems silly to say but I feel like I'm enjoying listening to music more now that I have dedicated buttons to play, skip, turn up the volume, etc.

Paige L., Sales Manager

I always have 18 million tabs open in Chrome so when I had the chance to try Mini Console, I figured why not. It's super simple to navigate between all my tabs, and I find I'm closing them more often when I have a button my keyboard. Love it!

Jay S., Technical Recruiter

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Mini Console is built to be an essential, everyday tool that's always at your fingertips. Includes 5 dedicated buttons for the apps you use most often. Simply plug-in and use or customize functions exactly how you'd like. 

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