Getting started with Monogram Creative Console.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Creative Console provides a fast and simple set up with magnetically connecting modules and a user-friendly app.

Monogram Creator connected to a computer in use with Logic Pro X

Monogram Creator

macOS 12+

Windows 10, 64 bit

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Monogram Creator connected to a computer in use with Logic Pro X

Start Connecting

Simply plug in the Core and magnetically snap modules together, pin to pad. The LED halos light up when connected properly. Keep the layout simple or get creative and wrap it around your keyboard or graphics tablet!

Monogram Creator connected to a computer in use with Logic Pro X

Start Creating

Launch Monogram Creator and say hello to productivity. Select your app to start creating. Click on a module to customize it. It’s that simple!

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Personalize to the Way You Work

Monogram Creator app makes customizing a breeze. Customize each module to your needs, change module sensitivity, or create an entirely new profile for each stage of your workflow.

Start Customizing
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Unlock the Full Potential of Creative Software

Creative Console integrates directly into industry leading editing software creating a powerful software ecosystem for every aspect of your workflow. Monogram Creator app supports both native and universal compatibility.

Native Compatibility

Native integrations hook directly into software for the greatest level of control and the smoothest performance. Unlike hotkeys, Creative Console gives you the most engaging tactile experience that connects you to your work. Make adjustments incrementally, or quickly and smoothly increase values while focusing on the result in front of you. Native compatibility includes Adobe Creative Suite, Unreal Engine, and Capture One Pro.

Universal Compatibility

Use Monogram Creative Console with any software. Creative Console can control virtually any software so you can control your favourite app, even if it’s not officially supported, by customizing each module via universal input modes like: keyboard shortcuts, MIDI, mouse clicks, and joystick actions. Universal Compatibility works great with apps like Ableton Live, Logic, Chrome, Spotify, and more.


If you have a suggestion for software integration or don’t see your favorite editing software listed, we’d love to hear from you! We’re always just a click away.

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