Audio and Music Production

The Human Touch to Composition

Add dynamic expression and a tactile experience to your digital music composition with Creative Console. Personalize your compositions and productions with the uniquely modular toolset that can be used with Digital Audio Workstations.

Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Expression, Modulation, Vibrato

Expression, Modulation, Vibrato

Easily map different MIDI CC's or key commands to control things like mod wheel data, expression, and vibrato. Use Channel Pressure to add expressive aftertouch to any MIDI instrument.

App interface showcasing Sound Design and Patch Control
Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Sound Design and Patch Control

Sound Design and Patch Control

Use Creative Console with Logic’s Smart Controls and Cubase's VST Quick Controls. Endless encoder dials allow pickup-free adjustment of any parameter when switching patches and instruments. Use Orbiter to create an expressive X/Y pad from any two parameters.

Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Transport Control

Transport Control

Quickly scrub your composition by beats and bars. Creative Console has support for all transport controls including play/pause, record, FF/RW. PLus punch in/out (record while playing back).

App interface showcasing Audio Mixing
Corresponding Monogram console showcasing Audio Mixing

Audio Mixing

Control all your mixer tracks with modular tactile tools including volume, panning, toggling mute, solo, record.

Supported DAWs

Monogram Creative Console is a universal MIDI device, and can be used with any DAW or plugin that supports MIDI input including:

  • Logic Pro X
  • Cubase
  • Ableton Live
  • FL Studio
  • Adobe Audition CC 2015.3 and later
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