Monogram Orbiter Module Care

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At Monogram, we understand that interruptions to your workflow are frustrating and costly. To ensure you're taken care of, we're offering Console & Module Care — a 36 month service plan for Monogram Creative Console.

Simply add one of our Care plans to your purchase and enjoy 36 months (3 years) of coverage*, including accidental damage, excessive wear & tear, and technical support from the Monogram team in Canada.

Why Console Care?

  • 36 months of coverage
  • No-cost repair or replacement of any manufacturing defects
  • No-cost repair or replacement for one incident of accidental damage
  • No service fees for support, repairs, or replacements
  • No charge global shipping for replacement hardware
  • Global coverage

Care Plans & How to Buy

Regardless of the Console you purchase, all of our plans will include the same features and benefits. 

To purchase one of our Console Care plans:

  • Purchase the appropriate Care plan on our website at the time of purchase
  • If you decide later, you can purchase a plan 30 days from the time of purchase**

* 36 month (3 year) coverage period begins the date that the covered Creative Console is received by its original owner. Coverage is non-transferable to subsequent owners.

** To add Console Care after purchase, you will be required to send our Support Team documentation and proof of a functioning console within 30 days of receiving your Creative Console.

We stand by our products and our promises and we understand that everyone’s workflow is different, and even the most adaptable tool ever may not always fit. If Monogram Creative Console does not improve your editing experience, you can return it for a full refund of the original purchase price within 100 days. Contact us at if you have any concerns.

We take great pride and care in building our products to ensure the best quality and user experience. That is why each Monogram module features:

  • Precision CNC-machined from solid aerospace aluminium
  • Aluminum sandblasted surface for a premium textured finish
  • Anodized aluminum coating for durability and scratch resistance
  • Strong neodymium magnetic connectors allow for quick and secure attachment
  • Micro spring-loaded electrical contacts
  • Soft-touch ABS plastic underside
  • Grip ring on underside prevents unwanted slipping on table tops

Free shipping to most regions on orders over $348.  Orders are estimated to be delivered in 2-4 weeks (In Stock Items Only). All orders are shipped via leading couriers and include tracking.

Note: International shipments do not include sales tax. For more questions about ordering, see our Shipping & Sales FAQ or contact us at

Included with your Monogram hardware is a limited one (1) year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.

We also offer Monogram Care, which provides you with 36 months of additional coverage including accidental. Learn more here.

Monogram Creator App

Included with every Console is Monogram Creator app, a free and powerful macOS and Windows app to optimize Creative Console to any workflow; no coding or scripting required.

  • Adjust sensitivity and range for any control to get the perfect feel
  • Set and change LED colors for any control
  • Advanced gestures for every input: dial press, dial press & turn, key press, key press-and-hold, Orbiter tilt mode
  • Standard input device mode: keyboard shortcuts, keyboard macros, joystick, mouse actions
  • Digitally label modules and bring up a preview on screen for a reminder
  • Unlock a new world of creativity with Audio, Photo, and Video Console Packs; giving your Console hundreds of more functions and profiles

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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can Kaya's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     4 stars

    Need single element in charcoal

    Hi to everyone,

    this product is a must have for everyone who wants to be efficient in producing creative work. It is necessary to stay in flow, if you want to sprout your creativity to the next level and monogram developed a very good and modern designed solution for supporting this desire and need.

    However there are two contra's also:

    1. It would be very helpful to have a function like double click. I can't imagine this is too complicate to offer. It would make the producing process easier to have actions like double click, maybe even triple click.

    2. Why there is no possibility to get the product in the color charcoal? I bought the Photo Console in charcoal and now I do not have the option to expand my setup in the same color?! I would appreciate it to have this option, but after 5 times of contacting Monogram and explaining this problem there is no solution presented yet. However a very good product for every creative...

  • Cheesey's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Really good stuff

    Extremely versatile console, I use it at the office and also on the go, it's great that I can only carry the modules I need with me. Makes editing way more fun!

  • Jason Cole's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Amazing tool!

    I absolutely love this device for Lightroom editing. I love how customisable it is, I love how to clicks, spins and slides and I love the colour coding of the device too! Its just a really good tool. I changed over from the very buggy Loupedeck + and have had no issues at all since. A++++++

  • George Kochbeck's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     4 stars


    Hi , I still find it difficult to program the traveler console . It would be so much easier if you could come up with a midi-learn function. Regards-George Kochbeck

  • Keith Chiasson's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Awesome workflow game changer!!

    Used to rely on my keyboard hotkeys to process several thousands of sport photos. With the Photo Console, I've cut processing and development time by nearly 40%. Much easier to use than keyboard. And quite honestly, less finger/hand cramps than having one's fingers in odd angles over keyboard hotkeys :)

  • Eddie Wayman's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Great for producing with Logic

    I wanted a few extra faders to work with Kontakt and this fit the bill nicely. I didn't expect it to work so well with Logic otherwise. I have the dials and buttons set for mixing volume, pan, mute, send, etc., for whichever track is selected and it only took 5 minutes to set up. All in all it's a game changer for me.

  • Sebastian Knox's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Goodbye loupedeck

    I had nothing but trouble with the loupedeck despite hours writing back and forth to their support. I moved on to monogram studio console which just works and haven't looked back. I use it every day with capture one.

  • Bailey's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     4 stars

    Great for wedding photography

    I considered a few edit controllers and chose Monogram because it works with the broadest range of apps that I use. As a wedding photographer, I have to edit quickly in order to keep clients happy and preserve my work-life balance. This Monogram Master Console saves me SO much time editing, nearly half.

    You can tell that Monogram works best with the Adobe suite, but I also made profiles for DaVinci Resolve and Photo Mechanic. It took me a while to figure out how to do it (you have to teach each button and dial the right shortcuts) but now that it's set up I really enjoy editing video with it too. 5 stars for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, which run my business, and 3-4 stars for Resolve and Photo Mechanic.

    With wedding season already booking up, I'm glad I bought the Monogram and would do it again.

  • Manuel Wenger's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Great flexibility and fast setup

    As others also did, i migrated from Loupedeck to Monogram. I´m mainly using the Controls for Premiere and Lighroom and just started to use it in Unreal Engine. I love the flexibility and ease of assigning a button/knob, thats the main thing i like over Lopuedeck, i just click the desired button, assign a function and done. Also great are the layers, so i can have a editing setup, and with a click im into a color correction setup with colour coded buttons that help me determine its function and at the beginning when i dont have the muscle memory yet i can just press the switch prifile button a bit longer and i see how my layout is configured, thats a great help at the start. I´m also on the road a lot and what i love is i can just take two or three modules with me on the go with the bare essentials and be very flexible at all times.

  • Jorge S's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Fits on my desk perfectly

    This thing is awesome. I had been looking for some sort of physical controls to make editing in Lightroom quicker but some of the other options took up half my desk. With this, i can just arrange it so it fits beside my keyboard, or if i’m traveling (Post-covid) i think i’d just bring the Orbiter, dial and core modules with me in my backpack so i can edit in my hotel room. Also only took me about 30 mins to set up and start editing some recent photos of my newborn!

  • Tom's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Referred by Christian Henson (Spitfire Audio)

    Title says it all. I’ve watched Christian Henson from Spitfire use Monogram in quite a few of his videos for simple slider movements and also for more complicated workflows. It’s quite easy to set up with the ‘Universal’ profile, just add your MIDI cc’s and away you go. This seems basic but the fact you can program the lights around the dials/buttons etc lets you quickly remember what each is for + it looks great on my desk. Like he mentioned in his video, i haven’t seen any dropouts and have had very little trouble with the ‘Creator’ app they include for you to customize your setup. Has all the functionality i need at the moment (I compose for commercials).

  • June's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Newbie to ‘control surfaces’

    About 6 months ago i bought my first Fuji camera and i’ve been getting more into the photo editing process during lockdown. This is my first ‘control surface’ and I must say it feels like everyone should have one. I bought the Studio Console. I know you can use keyboard shortcuts and get a high precision mouse but this just feels different - i don’t know how else to explain it! It feels like you get an extra level of control compared to the on-screen menus in Lightroom. The Orbiter is super cool, its sort of like a trackball and a mouse in one, so i can really fine tune the HSL panel etc. Honestly i went out on a limb and bought this because a friend recommended it and i’ve already bought another dial module so i can add even more presets. Customer support has also been great, i wasn’t sure how to add a keyboard shortcut to one of the buttons and they got back to me quickly. Highly recommend this for anyone interested in photography, even if you’re a newbie like me.

  • Fisher B's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     4 stars

    Switched from Loupedeck

    So first things first. I’ve used Loupedeck for about a year now (a competitor) and i’ve really enjoyed culling photos and doing quick edits to some of the footage i shoot. I started getting ads for Monogram a couple of months ago and liked that you could add on new modules as you go. I sent their support team some questions about the ability to customize as i have a really specific workflow and they got back to me in like 5 hours. I figured i would give it a try because they have a 30 day money back guarantee and i’m happy to say i’m well over that 30 day period and really enjoying it. Being able to make multiple different profiles for LrC and Pr makes it so much easier to jump between workflows and speeds up time significantly. The other thing i didn’t know you could do was create a custom profile for basically any software you have open on your computer. I now use it for navigating pages in chrome and skipping tracks/volume adjustment in Spotify as well, which is just nice to have. My only 'complaint' is I wish it was wireless, but that's not a dealbreaker.

  • Jesse's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Intuitive, Sleek, Effortless

    6 Stars out of 5 (and I have no attachment to Monogram). I purchased to work with my Spitfire Audio plug-ins within LOGIC... unbeknownst to me, it would work seamlessly alongside Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. And if you've ever worked with Midi Control software before...I can say with 100% honesty...nothing has worked more seamless. Love that you can add more in future too. Absolute BEST! Top notch customer service too!

  • Kevin H's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     4 stars

    Seemed expensive, but now I see why

    I’ve seen a few ads for this and also some youtube reviews and it seemed a little expensive. BUT… i see why now. It seems like they are constantly adding new features and integrations with other software plus i can add another module if i need to. I mostly use it for color grading in Premiere but i’ve been dabbling in Logic as well to compose my own music for my videos and it works flawlessly there as well. It’s also built like a rock… i’ve dropped it a few times when moving to another desk and it holds up. Good stuff Monogram!

  • Lucas Martinez's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    perfect for any situation

    Such a revolutionary piece of equipment. Easy to setup right out of the box. I'm hopping in and out of the adobe suite photoshop, after effects, and premiere. assigning keys was really simple. The modules make it so easy to wrap around my keyboard or wacom so its never out of the way slowing me down.

    The best part was no lag at all. I've purchased other products and they could not seem to make my workflow more efficient (whether it be the lag or being so bulky)

  • August Janson's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Stunning piece of kit

    Grabbed this to have a portable controller for my orchestral instruments’ expression and dynamics CC - and it works perfectly. When im not doing scores, I can switch profiles to suit my other midi needs/key commands. Perfect little controller, great sturdy build and super portable. Now make the case for it :)

  • Nightcity's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    The coolest sexiest most efficient product I own.

    The monogram console is a life saver for me. I work in concept art, animation and editing and being able to have this at my finger tips is so efficient in so many ways. Not just that but it feels unbelievable. I love it so much I purchased three more consoles. My set up is gonna be a beast! Makes my desk setup look like a retro starship which is always cool! But on a serious note. The way it brings all your software together at the switch of a button is amazing. I couldn't recommend this more. Amazing. Also customer service is fast and super helpful. I had a random question about attaching the consoles to my cintiq and they answered quickly and were super helpful. You guys are the best!

  • Mike Glatzer's avatar

    Verified Buyer

     5 stars

    Endless options done right

    I freaking love this thing. It's well built and everything WORKS. I'm a product development engineer and a photographer so things that work well and efficiently make me giddy. The Monogram team did a fantastic job of packing as much functionality as possible into each button and module. I use Monogram for Capture One and Photoshop and instantly noticed a decrease in my editing time. It's not huge, but when you have to cull tens of thousands of images and edit another thousand or so each year, it really adds up. It takes a few tries to find a configuration of module layout and button assignments to find your perfect set up, but once you do you can FLY! My favorite thing is creating multiple profiles for each app. In Capture One, I have Culling, Exposure, and Color profiles and in Photoshop I have skin cleanup and "general" profiles. Absolutely fantastic to switch profiles and have a whole new set of functions handy within a single app and never having to move my hands off my Wacom tablet and the Monogram Console. My only annoyance is that because the "communication pins" are only located on one spot per module, it limits how you can arrange your full console. Not a deal breaker but something that bothered me. Still, I'm thrilled with my current layout and set up and would highly recommend the Monogram modules to anyone looking to speed up their workflows.

  • Anaïs's avatar


     5 stars

    Indispensable for photos and videos

    I am a commercial photographer for over 10 years. With changes in the industry, I have adapted by offering videos to my clients but I am not a strong video editor yet. I am using Adobe Lightroom 10 and Premiere for editing.

    Monogram permits me to use the same buttons and knobs to edit and adjust color in Lightroom and Premiere so that I can be just as effective with both. The effect on my speed is immediate. I edit and deliver content twice as fast as before.

  • Robert's avatar


     5 stars

    A beautifully engineered and concieved product!

    After using the Traveler Console for several months I feel compelled to provide some feedback to both Monogram and potential customers. I'm an enthuastic hobby photographer that places higher expectations on what I produce. I had been looking for a flexible, well engineered product to use with primarally Photoshop, but also Lightroom. Many products I had seen are directed more at Lightroom functions and layout, but do not map well to Photoshop. When I saw the flexibility that the Monogram CC offered I had to purchase it. Granted, it's not cheap, but when you consider the exceptional engineering and the flexibility that the software gives you to program almost any function it is worth every penny. Monogram must be commended that it sticks to it's design and engineering principles and produces a product that speeds up any artists workflow despite market trends to produce inexpensive products, and even more all of the people that supported Monogram with funding to get this product designed, developed and produced must be thanked. I am really looking forward to what the future has instore for the software and the company. Well done!