Introducing Monogram Keyboard

Introducing Monogram Keyboard

Accelerating creative workflows for photographers, video editors, and music producers.

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We are excited to announce our brand new Monogram Keyboard and Multipad with the launch of a 24-day Kickstarter campaign! Monogram Keyboard includes customizable controls arranged around a premium mechanical keyboard. With a built-in operating system and thousands of available commands and macros, Monogram Keyboard allows photographers, video editors, and musicians to work faster and more efficiently with their software.

Rather than simply triggering commands, like hotkeys do, Monogram OS6 builds on deep integrations with leading creative applications, like Lightroom or Capture One by Phase One, giving the user granular control over their digital work. The operating system detects when the user switches between applications, automatically changing the functions of 13 Action Keys and the Control Dial. Just like Monogram’s Creative Console hardware, users can easily program their own functions, and build custom toolset profiles for different parts of their workflow.

In apps like Adobe Photoshop, Action Keys give creators direct access to functions like cropping, moving layers, or applying effects, without requiring repetitive keyboard or mouse actions each time they switch tools or navigating menu layers for commands. This way, Monogram can save users hundreds of micro-actions in a typical day, significantly increasing the speed and fluidity of creative workflows within complex software.

Positioned on the left side of the keyboard, the Control Dial allows for precise adjustment functions, like fine-tuning exposure or saturation for images. Video editors and musicians can use the Control Dial as a jog wheel for navigating the timeline in applications like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

OLED Mini Displays across the top of the keyboard show the current active tool for each input controller. “We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in the last ten years and built it into Monogram Keyboard,” said Calvin Chu, CEO and founder of Monogram. “The inclusion of Mini Displays was one of our top user requests. Instead of having to memorize more keystroke combinations just to be efficient, Monogram Keyboard allows users to surface the tools they need and focus on their creative work.”

Monogram Keyboard also includes Media Controls and a MINIGRAM™ display with 13x5 jumbo pixels, which can be customized for practical things, like showing the currently active toolset profiles; or fun things, like a timer that counts down to your next break. Housed in a CNC-machined aluminum chassis, the keyboard itself features quiet low-profile mechanical key switches (Gateron Brown), reflecting the tactile qualities and craftsmanship of Monogram devices.

Monogram Multipad

Along with the new keyboard, we've also introduced a new modular Multipad, which can be used as a traditional numpad or as an additional control device with 20 programmable Action Keys and an OLED Mini Display. Multipad works on its own as a compact controller or connected magnetically on either side of Monogram Keyboard. When connected, both devices can share a single USB-C connection to the computer.

Monogram Keyboard and Monogram Multipad are now available for pre-order directly on our shop page and are scheduled to ship in November 2024.