The top 5 most common uses of Slider

The top 5 most common uses of Slider

Get an insider look at how our customers use Slider

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Smooth, compact, versatile, and so much more! Our Slider module is designed to offer precise tactile controls to adjust a variety of parameters, making it a key module for all workflows, especially in the audio space. Through our data, we found some users use the Slider within photo and video editing apps, however, the most popular use cases are within Cubase, Ableton, Logic Pro X, and other DAW’s. So, we thought we’d share the top 5 most popular ways our users integrate the Monogram Slider module into their workflow.

Modulation - CC 1

The most popular function among our Slider module users is Modulation, which is an essential parameter in sound design and music production since it adds expressiveness and depth to the sound. This CC commonly used for audio editing and music production controls a Vibrato effect, which can modulate pitch, loudness, or brightness based on the patch.

Expression - CC 11

Expression is a percentage of volume that is used to control the dynamic and articulation of a sound, often in conjunction with other MIDI CC messages. Monogram’s smooth Sliders allow for more nuanced control over the volume of a sound, making it a useful parameter in mixing and mastering workflows.

Custom Functions - CC 21

To make it easier for our users to achieve their desired sound, Monogram offers the flexibility to incorporate unassigned CC values and attach them to effects and parameters in softwares like Logic Pro X, Cubase, and other popular audio editing tools. This allows for customization and greater control over each user’s unique editing process.

Volume - CC 7

Monogram’s Sliders offer precise control over the level of a sound to allow users to create a well-balanced mix and make their workflow more fluid.This CC controls the volume of a channel or track, which is a commonly used parameter in audio editing and mixing.

Breath Controller - CC 2

Last but not least, the breath controller is a function that many of our users integrate into their workflow, as it is a unique feature to add a human touch to sound and expressive performances. This CC is often associated with aftertouch messages and was originally intended for use with a breath MIDI controller. Blowing harder produces higher MIDI control values, and it can be used for modulation as well. This feature is particularly useful for music production and audio editing in live performances or for adding expressive elements to recorded tracks.

With a lot more to offer, our Slider module is customizable across different softwares with a multitude of actions, especially with MIDI being completely customizable in most DAWs. Users are able to override any of the default values and customize their desired assignments in their DAWs for a more personalized editing experience! We hope you find our Slider as useful to integrate into your workflow and fulfill your creative needs.