Virtual Production

Familiar Filmmaking Process with Innovative Tools

Creative Console provides tactile tools to filmmakers and crews to tell their stories in a variety of virtual production environments. The intuitive Console reduces barriers between direction and crew on set and in post production.

Intuitive And Direct Control Of Key Virtual Camera Parameters

Directors and production crew can leverage the precision of familiar filmmaking processes thanks to Monogram’s tactile tools and get “behind the camera” even in new virtual production environments. Control focus, zoom, aperture, and camera movements.

Lighting Controls For A Smoother On Set Experience

Adjust intensity, pattern, and color of virtual lights for a smoother experience on set. Synchronize virtual and digital lights with access to the DMX plugin.

Control Transport And Sequencer In Unreal Engine

Pre-vis and real-time production operators can seamlessly control on set recording and on-set playback.

Global Transform And Translate

Control location, rotation, scale of any actor in Unreal Engine.

Modular And Customizable To Fit Any Production Demands

Mix and match the number of modules, layout, functionality, and sensitivity of each input to customize for diverse production needs.

Powerful Developer Tools for Custom Plugins

Monogram Blueprints API allows developers to accommodate controls for individual use-cases and customized Unreal Engine environments to meet even the most challenging production demands. Easily connect with any actor or any variable in Unreal Engine through the API's open WebSocket connection with Unreal Engine, which allows developers to create a subsystem that can be exposed to Blueprints, C++, or Python scripting.

Supported Virtual Production and Broadcast Apps

Creative Console offers native support for the following industry leading virtual production and broadcast apps along with universal support for many others for a complete end-to-end production toolset.

  • Unreal Engine (4.24 & later)
  • CineTracer (coming soon)
  • Voyager - Ross Video (versioning TBA)

Supported post production apps:

  • Premiere Pro (CC 2015 and later)
  • Audition (CC 2015 and later)
  • After effects (CC 2015 and later)

Trusted by Industry-Leading Professionals

Monogram gives filmmakers precise and intuitive control over virtual cameras and lighting in Cine Tracer. For Unreal Engine Virtual Production users and developers, the Monogram Creator app and UE4 makes integration seamless and easy through the Blueprint Scripting system.

Matt Workman, Virtual Production Cinematographer and Developer, CineTracer

Tactile tools like Monogram will help us pave the way for new and interactive experiences where both technical and non-technical crew members can easily and actively participate in the filmmaking process thereby streamlining production time.

Gary Marshall, Creative Technology Supervisor, Visual Effects Designer, Third Floor

Creative Console offers operators a highly flexible control solution, and the ability to pick and choose modules and change them as needed is very elegant. Creative Console is a very easy-to-use and intuitive system that’s perfect for broadcasters working with Ross Video’s UX control platform and Voyager graphics rendering solution.

Gideon Ferber, Ross Video’s Director of Virtual Solutions, Ross Video

Monogram's tactile, precision tools are one of the essential tools we use to bring a physical touch to the digital worlds

AJ Sciutto, Virtual Production Producer, Magnopus / Lion King project

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