As others also did, i migrated from Loupedeck to Monogram. I´m mainly using the Controls for Premiere and Lighroom and just started to use it in Unreal Engine. I love the flexibility and ease of assigning a button/knob, thats the main thing i like over Lopuedeck, i just click the desired button, assign a function and done. Also great are the layers, so i can have a editing setup, and with a click im into a color correction setup with colour coded buttons that help me determine its function and at the beginning when i dont have the muscle memory yet i can just press the switch prifile button a bit longer and i see how my layout is configured, thats a great help at the start. I´m also on the road a lot and what i love is i can just take two or three modules with me on the go with the bare essentials and be very flexible at all times.