About 6 months ago i bought my first Fuji camera and i’ve been getting more into the photo editing process during lockdown. This is my first ‘control surface’ and I must say it feels like everyone should have one. I bought the Studio Console. I know you can use keyboard shortcuts and get a high precision mouse but this just feels different - i don’t know how else to explain it! It feels like you get an extra level of control compared to the on-screen menus in Lightroom. The Orbiter is super cool, its sort of like a trackball and a mouse in one, so i can really fine tune the HSL panel etc. Honestly i went out on a limb and bought this because a friend recommended it and i’ve already bought another dial module so i can add even more presets. Customer support has also been great, i wasn’t sure how to add a keyboard shortcut to one of the buttons and they got back to me quickly. Highly recommend this for anyone interested in photography, even if you’re a newbie like me.