I freaking love this thing. It's well built and everything WORKS. I'm a product development engineer and a photographer so things that work well and efficiently make me giddy. The Monogram team did a fantastic job of packing as much functionality as possible into each button and module. I use Monogram for Capture One and Photoshop and instantly noticed a decrease in my editing time. It's not huge, but when you have to cull tens of thousands of images and edit another thousand or so each year, it really adds up. It takes a few tries to find a configuration of module layout and button assignments to find your perfect set up, but once you do you can FLY! My favorite thing is creating multiple profiles for each app. In Capture One, I have Culling, Exposure, and Color profiles and in Photoshop I have skin cleanup and "general" profiles. Absolutely fantastic to switch profiles and have a whole new set of functions handy within a single app and never having to move my hands off my Wacom tablet and the Monogram Console. My only annoyance is that because the "communication pins" are only located on one spot per module, it limits how you can arrange your full console. Not a deal breaker but something that bothered me. Still, I'm thrilled with my current layout and set up and would highly recommend the Monogram modules to anyone looking to speed up their workflows.