About Creator Plugins

Creator Plugins allow the Creative Console to integrate directly with your favorite editing software, delivering exceptional speed, reliability, and functionality for your demanding workflows. Creator Plugins are needed for your Creative Console to utilize advanced features within creative apps.



Keyboard shortcuts, Mouse scroll, OS (Windows/macOS), and Joystick modes do not require Creator Plugins, and can always be used without activation.

Sign in to Activate Creator Plugins

Your Creator Plugins are linked to your email. Sign in to Monogram Creator to activate the licenses on your account.

In the menu bar, click on "Help > Activate" to get started.

You can activate up to five computers at once with a single Creator Plugins license.


When you sign out, the computer is automatically deactivated.

Forgot to sign out before you uninstalled Monogram Creator? No worries. Computers that stop contacting our servers for a set amount of time are automatically deactivated.

Offline Period

An ongoing internet connection isn't required to use Creator Plugins, offering you flexibility in how you work. You can use Creator Plugins in offline mode with a valid software license for up to 90 days.

Once the offline mode period is over, Monogram Creator needs to reconnect to the Internet to validate your license.

If you use Monogram in secure air-gapped environments without internet access, contact us for details.

Using License Keys

If you have a license key, you can use that to activate instead of signing in.

When you sign in with an email, all previously entered license keys will be removed. To manually activate a license key on your machine, sign in first, then add the license key.

Help with Activation

If you are unable to activate, check the Activation troubleshooting guide.

Learn more about Creator Plugins on the FAQ page.

Kickstarter Backers with iCloud Email

If you used "Sign-in with Apple" and iCloud "Hide My Email" email address when you pledged for Monogram on Kickstarter, please contact us with your proof of purchase to restore your license.

We are unable to use a "Sign-in with Apple" email address for your Creator Plugin activation, as those email addresses are Kickstarter-specific. You can create a new "Hide My Email" address for use with Monogram if you wish.