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Thank you for supporting Monogram, and a special shoutout to our Kickstarter backers! Your trust and backing have been instrumental in our journey.

To sustain the momentum of innovation and support the latest updates from your favorite applications, we're evolving our software licensing approach for Creator Plugins. This new model gives you ongoing access to the latest features we develop, while you can continue to use existing features indefinitely at no extra cost.

Soon, you will need to Sign in and Activate to continue using Creator Plugins for those apps.


Next Steps

We need to link your email address with Creator Plugins licenses, so you can continue to use Creator Plugins indefinitely.

Go to Monogram Store and add the All-Access Creator Plugins to your cart.

Check out using the code TOODOFIXMEEEE and your email.

  • Remember to use the email address where you received the original email update. The code is only valid for that email.
  • If you are purchasing additional years of update (thank you!), a discount equivalent to 1 year updates of All-Access Creator Plugins ($137 USD).

Sign in to Monogram Creator using your email address by going to Help > Activate.

You should now see all Creator Plugins associated with your email. If not, wait a few minutes, then try going to Help > Activate again.

If you no longer have access to your original email, wish to use a different email address, or have other questions, please contact us at

(This offer is only available for original owners of Traveler, Studio, or Master Console; or Standalone Monogram Core purchased prior to 2022-06-01.)

What this means for you

We are transitioning Creator Plugins to a "perpetual fallback" licensing model.

Zero Extra Cost: This transition comes at no additional cost to you. All of your existing Creator Plugins will continue to function indefinitely without ongoing costs.

12-Month Update Period: Creator Plugins now come with a 12-month update period. This means you will get to use any new updates to those plugins we release while your license is active. Multi-year licenses can also be purchased at a discount.

Complimentary Extended Update: As a token of our appreciation, we're providing you, our early backers, with an additional 12-month of updates for all Creator Plugins.

Options After 12 Months: After this period, you can choose to renew your license to keep receiving new updates or continue using the last version available at the end of your 12-month license.

Continued Use of Existing Features: Even if your update period has expired, you will always be able to use the last version of the plugins you had access to. But you won't receive further updates unless you renew your license.

Have more questions? Learn more about Creator Plugins on our FAQ page.

Why we are making this change

Creator Plugins allow the Creative Console to integrate directly with your favorite editing software, delivering exceptional speed, reliability, and functionality for your demanding workflows. Creator Plugins are needed for your Creative Console to utilize advanced featu res within creative apps.

We have been working to provide regular updates, bug fixes, developed new application integrations and added over 2,000 new features since we started in 2015. This includes new integrations such as Photoshop UXP, adding support for Apple Silicon, and designing features that make Monogram Creator better.

All of this takes time and resources. And it is a unique challenge to Monogram -- how to maintain and enhance functionality for our designed-to-last hardware in the ever-evolving software world?

We believe the perpetual fallback model is the best approach. Under this model, there are no ongoing costs for the software that pairs with physical hardware you own. You get to keep using the Creator Plugins indefinitely, with the option to invest in further updates only if you see value in them.

In other words, this model ensures your investment in Monogram hardware isn’t undermined by compulsory, recurring software costs. At the same time, it also provides us with a sustainable way to continuously improve and support our plugins.

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As an original owners of Traveler, Studio, or Master Console, you will get perpetual access to all apps shown below, plus a bonus 1 year of updates.