About Creator Plugins

Thank you for supporting Monogram. We are introducing an update regarding the use of Creator Plugins (previously called “Console Packs”).

Creator Plugins allow the Creative Console to integrate directly with your favorite editing software, delivering exceptional speed, reliability, and functionality for your demanding workflows. Creator Plugins are needed for your Creative Console to utilize advanced features within creative apps.


Soon, you will need to Sign in and Activate to continue using Creator Plugins for those apps.

As part of your purchase of an Audio, Photo, or Video Console, you have received:

  • A 12-month update of the corresponding Creator Plugins (Audio, Photo, or Video); and
  • A 3 months trial of all other Creator Plugins

If you have previously purchased Console Packs, they have been renamed to “Creator Plugins”.

What This Means for You

12-Month Update Period: Each Creator Plugin comes with 12 months of updates. This means you will get to use any new updates to those plugins we release while your license is active. Multi-year licenses can also be purchased at a discount.

Options at end of 12 Months: When your 12-month update period expires, you can choose to renew your license to keep receiving new updates or continue using the last version available at the end of your 12-month license.

Continued Use of Existing Features: Even if your update period has expired, you will still be able to use the last version of the plugins you had access to, but you won’t receive further updates unless you renew your license.

Next Steps

Sign in to Monogram Creator using your email address, by going to Help > Activate. Creator Plugins associated with your email should be visible in the app. You must use the email address where the original order confirmation for your Creative Console was sent.

If you no longer have access to your original email, or wish to use a different email address, please contact us at support@monogramcc.com

If the licenses displayed after signing in do not match with your purchase, please contact us at support@monogramcc.com with your original order confirmation.

You may need to purchase Creator Plugins to get access to other apps. You can do this by purchasing them from Monogram Store using the same email address you used to sign in.

Learn more about Creator Plugins on the FAQ page.

Keyboard shortcuts, Mouse scroll, OS (Windows/macOS), and Joystick modes do not require Creator Plugins, and can always be used without activation.